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Grading, Paving and Asphalt Services - Serving the Utah County Area

When you hire Evans Grader and Paving, you get full access to as many – or as few – of our comprehensive services as you need. Whether your need is complete site management for paving, utilities, grading and excavation, a rebuild of your parking lot, or the patching of pesky potholes, we have the expertise, the experience and the people to carry out the job to a satisfying conclusion. Most of all, though, you'll see our growing list of satisfied clients. You'll see them in the business, residential and government sectors. You'll find them from one end of the region to the other. And, once you look at their facilities, and you see the quality of the finished work, you'll understand why they keep coming back.

Commercial, Industrial, Residential - Excavation and Grading Services

  • General Excavating
  • Complete Site Excavation
  • Parking Areas
  • Mass Grading
  • Demolition
  • Pre-Landscaping
  • Storm Drainage
  • Roadside Grading and Site Improvements
  • Private Roads
  • Sports Field Grading
  • Pad Development
  • Prep for Curb and Gutter
  • Utilities
  • Weed Barriers and Rockscapes
  • Dust Control / Millings
  • Construction & Installation of Sumps
  • Burms and Mounds
  • Hazardous Waste Clean-up
  • Building Demolitions
  • Structural Fill Under Footings
  • Irrigation Ditches
  • Remove underground storage tanks

Excavation and Grading

Evans Grading & Paving is a knowledgeable excavating company with years of experience. We offer complete site package management and can perform all phases of your excavating needs including demolition, grading and earthwork. We are proficient and well equipped in all areas of excavation and demolition, and perform our work with company-owned state of the art equipment.
A job well-done starts from the ground up. At Evan Grader & Paving, we have the skills, people and the equipment to handle the full range of excavation and grading jobs. We are proud at Evans Grader & Paving to be able to adapt to our client's individual needs.

Commercial, Industrial, Residential - Asphalt and Concrete Paving Services

  • Hot Lay Asphalt
  • Parking Lots
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Cart Paths
  • Resurfacing
  • Patching and Repairs
  • Overlay
  • Maintenance
  • Pulverize and Re-lay Asphalt
  • Mill and Overlay
  • Pothole Patching
  • Asphalt, Saw-cut, Removal and Repair
  • Pour and Prep Flowable Fill for Asphalt
  • Road base For Roads
  • Catch Basins
  • Dumpster Pads

Asphalt Maintenance

While asphalt is an excellent choice for many pavement applications it does require periodic maintenance. Proper and timely maintenance will assure that your asphalt surface is easier to clean, is safer for pedestrians, looks more attractive, and most importantly has a longer useful lifespan.